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Meeting with regional stakeholders – INTERREG PROJECT coordinators of DIALOG , OUR WAY and OSS projects- 23.10.2020

Three projects, funded by INTERREG EUROPE are currently running in Vratsa district and as we all operate on the same region – North West planning region of Bulgaria, organized a meeting for seeking for synergy between project ( policy changes) and the approaches that we should apply in order to achieve sustainable results. The opportunity to contribute to the development of our region by different priority areas and also the new project of the municipality of Vratsa – Intelligent cities challenges us to find the best way to include in the measures some proposals in common interest like the green economy and circular economy boosting, digitalization, support for innovative startups; social innovations and sustainable development of tourism and industries – it is the way of cooperation and mobilization of local resources, identify the potential and unify efforts to make changes at policy level.

26-10-2020 | виж всички новини | Принтирай Изпрати

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